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Solution Description


Solution Description


model Amount of poles Phase Rated voltage Rated pace Steady locked-rotor torque Rated torque Rated CZPT Peak torque
Models     VDC RPM N.m N.m W N.m
42BYA075B030C-02 4 three 24 3000 .192 .16 50 .48


design Peak current Torque constant Back EMF Motor length Motor duration voltage assortment Variety of rotation fat
Models A Nm/A V/KRPM g.cMoment of inertia mm VDC RPM Kg
42BYA075B030C-02 nine.6 .05 3.947 14.six 134 24~48 a thousand~3000 1.0 

Merchandise Parameters

Quiet steady and reputable for CZPT life operation

one.Voltage: 24 VDC
two.Number of phases: three
three.Quantity of levels: four
four.Line-to-line resistance: 1.45±10%ohms
5.Line-to-line inductance: 1.27±20%mH
6.Rated recent: 3.2A
seven.Rated CZPT : 50W
eight.No-load velocity: 4300 rpm
9.Insulation class: B
10.Reduction ratio: 1:58.22
eleven.Output torque: 7.5 N.m
twelve.Output pace: fifty one.5 rpm
thirteen.We can layout the special voltage and shaft and so on

Gearboxes can be employed in a variety of fields of complete processing, agriculture, chemical processing, oil and gas, energy transmission and distribution techniques, logistics, warehousing and other industries. Equipment reducers are usually employed exactly where larger torque and/or lower rotational speeds are essential, or if electricity needs to be transmitted at alternating angles, this sort of as in right-angle motors. It can also adjust the direction of rotation, as nicely as clockwise and counterclockwise. EP provides a complete assortment of equipment reducers with right angle worms and substantial performance alternatives. Electric powered Equipment Aluminum products are a light-weight and durable different to modern forged iron and steel types and can be stocked or custom made to your actual technical specs. EP gearboxes are lightweight and sturdy, aluminum worm gearboxes are designed for tight areas, which includes challenging-to-install OEM types as effectively as cell equipment. Eccentric reducers are obtainable as compact aluminum or solid iron inline reducers with seal existence scores from 15HP (aluminum) to 40HP (forged iron). In addition to our common and modified standard products, our engineers will work with you to design and style and construct personalized options for a number of travel technologies to go well with your software needs.
china  shop Multi-Functional Special Flat Bus DC Worm Gear Wiper DC Motor manufacturers